Judi Debella Writes To ParisHiltonSite.net

Judi Debella, the writer who claims that her poem was plagiarized by Paris Hilton, sent a letter to ParisHiltonSite.net this morning. By now, it’s clear that the poem was indeed written by Judi Debella.

In her letter she explained the latest in her effort to get recognition for her poem. She also replied to some of the comments that you fans wrote in previous posts.

I made a page for her text and I’ve also added a link in the “Probation Violation” section under “Articles”.

This is interesting, and it will help you understand her. Here’s the letter.

Posted: October 10th, 2007
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From: Jen
Time: October 10, 2007, 9:31 pm

I do not recall Paris reading a poem during the LK interview. Did she paraphrase?

Either way, Judy ought to call it a day.
The interview happened months ago, Paris and the rest of the world have moved on, and no one gives a fying fluck about some crossroads.

Judy is starting to behave like a nuisance and a psychic stalker.
Next time, she ought to get her stuff copyrighted before sending it off to people.
Why on earth would a woman in her 40s seek recognition for writing such drivel anyway.

From: Sabrinia
Time: October 11, 2007, 8:01 am

Unless Paris tries to make money off the poem/writing she allegedy plagarized I don’t see what the freakin big deal is. This Judy character seems to be quite annoying and besides the Larry King thing happened MONTHS ago. Why is this woman just NOW bringing this up? Why didn’t she do anything when it first happened IF it’s true?

From: thewaymouth
Time: October 11, 2007, 9:11 am

Jen, you totally rock write on right on. Judy’s a damn jerk.

Re: Judi saying: “it’s best this happened to me than a die hard Paris fan or they would of been absolutely devasted and crushed by her actions, it left me completely stunned so just imagine what it would of done, as I said, to a die hard fan.”

I have already addressed this but allow me to retort anyway. A Paris fan would have been FAR from DEVASTATED.

(sp — a true writer & poet would spell check their words — show us Paris fans/writer some damn respect if you want any yourself — FIREFOX has LIVE spell check — it’s a turning point you need to make if you want to get anywhere as a writer)

A true Paris fan would have been far more understanding & accepting. We true fans wrote to Paris to encourage her & help her in her time of need. Say if it helped her to take this fan’s words as her own words to express herself to others, I would have been honored. & the secret would have been safe w/me. I’m a gentleman. It’s called being a ghost writer. The whole thing was not about money. My love for Paris is fantastically fanatical. That’s what fans are all about. You don’t speak for us, bitch.

Re your saying: “if there was any other way to resolve all this other than the media I certainly would of rather done it but because she is who she is I had no other choice as she is certainly not accessible where I could of picked up the phone and called her and asked her why she did what she did.”

You wrote to Paris in jail, but you didn’t even try to write to her on the outside. HOW LAZY & USELESS! I just now Googled “Paris Hilton address.” It took me no more than 10 seconds to find the following. BTW, It was the 5th link on Google, c/o fanmail.biz.

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton Entertainment
250 North Canon Drive
2nd Floor
Beverly Hills, CA 90210-5322

You could have written a note of attention on the envelope:

I bet someone would have read it & replied right back to you. Now you’d probably get a reaction if you sue her. But then that would mean your words meant something. Paris received no money for using it.

Do you think if Paris had her own painting hanging in a museum she might get money off it? You flatter yourself to think your hollow words brought Paris worthy attention. It brought her mocking derision.

Joel Stein LA TIMES: “If DeBella thought she knew from crossroads before, she knows them a lot better now. Also, turning points. “I knew in the first four words that it was my letter,” she says about watching the Larry King interview. “I battled writing those words. ‘Do I want to put crossroads? Do I want to put turning point?’ And then I decided on both,” she said. That’s the moment when I totally believed DeBella.”

Because she couldn’t make up her mind, because she doesn’t have an artistic mind. So it was indeed obvious that she must be the hack the must have written this crap.

Stein: “Meanwhile, DeBella’s family and friends — who mocked her ruthlessly when she told them she was writing letters to Hilton — are encouraging her to sue. But DeBella, who has talked to a few lawyers, isn’t sure. ‘Honestly, I’m flattered that she would take it and use it. Writing is pretty much my whole life,’ she said. ‘I could go after her and People magazine, but I did this to support her, and I don’t want to turn it against her.’

YOU ALREADY HAVE, BITCH! (BTW, see how even her family mocked her ruthlessly for writing such pabulum.)

Stein: “But I think DeBella’s real conflict isn’t about whether Paris follows her counseling. It’s the conflict everyone feels who expresses themselves: Did you want people to be affected by your work or to acknowledge you?”

Well, we already know the answer in Judi’s case. Media whore.

I sent Paris a few poems of my own when she was in jail. Real poems by a published poet, not some faux Stuart Smalley Daily Affirmation. What was most important when I wrote them was that she had read them, & maybe was inspired by them. That maybe my words helped her in hour of need.

I never counted on acknowledgment or credit. & still don’t. May she turn my words into lyrics on her next album. May that album turn multi-platinum. If I don’t get a songwriting credit, you won’t find me crying to the media or suing her. That’s a promise. Of a fan. Something you know nothing about. Just like writing.

From: thewaymouth
Time: October 11, 2007, 9:45 am

PS Judi again: “it’s best this happened to me than a die hard Paris fan or they would of been absolutely devasted and crushed by her actions, it left me completely stunned so just imagine what it would of done, as I said, to a die hard fan.”

What a poet and a letter writer. Your words are sure to be in the text books someday. On how NOT to write.

I think you mean to say, “They would have been,” NOT “would of been.” “What it would have done” NOT “what it would of done.”

You just don’t get it. First you insult our pop idol by “Indian-giving”* your so-called “poem”, & then you insult her fans with this so-called “letter.”

Writing may be “pretty much” your whole life. If you want to make it & give it your all, you’re going to have to put that much MORE work into it. Since you obviously haven’t the goddess-given talent for it.

* “Indian-giving” is from an American English expression used for any individual who gives something and then either takes it back or wants to take it back. The expression Indian giver is based on the belief that Native Americans would lend items to the settlers, in other words, let them borrow necessities. The settlers thought that this was a gift from the Native Americans; hence, they were shocked when the Native Americans asked for their items back.

However, the expression as I use it, is instead taken from the Native American viewpoint. As in, the Trail of Broken Treaties. As is peace that was first offered and lands that were assigned to Indians — that were already theirs to begin with, of course — agreements that were signed by the US government, & subsequently broken. On the Indians broken backs & spirit. In other words, legal genocide.

In my dick-tionary (sp intended), under “Indian giver,” there would be a picture of Uncle Sam, and his modern counterpart, Judi DeBella.

From: Dawn
Time: October 11, 2007, 2:25 pm

Viewing life as a series of cross roads is not unique and cannot be considered ‘intellectual property’.

From Plato to the present Pope Benedikt, literature is full of writers who have expressed similar sentiments.
Hell, probably Hilton’s own shrink told her something along those lines.

In fact, Paris herself mentioned as much on the eve of turning herself in, when she said she was looking forward to a new life after jail.
Clearly, she saw her ordeal as life changing and the opportunity to walk down a different path.

IF Judy’s message helped reinforce the idea, she ought to feel flattered and happy.
However, endless obsessing and demands for “recognition” are unwarranted in this case.

From: admin
Time: October 11, 2007, 4:55 pm

Well, I’ll just add my 2 cents about this.

I believe Judi Debella wrote that poem. The problem is that Paris said she wrote it. Now normally, you’d think that Judi’s attitude is kind of arrogant, but I don’t think she’s one of those type of people/writers. She’s far from being a hater, and isn’t one of them. She just wants to help Paris, but also wants to be credited for her work. I think she has the right to demand a recognition.

I also have to comment about the poem. I’ve read a similar poem for an English class when I used to go to a French college. It’s a very famous poem titled “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost. Anyway, I personally liked it a lot. When I switched to an English college, in my first English class, we studied the same poem again. A year later, Paris reads a similar poem during her most important interview.

I like the message of this poem. I think you can relate it to many situations. It’s especially helpful if you’re in your early 20s and have been through a lot.

Again, Judi is not a bad person and she doesn’t want to hurt Paris. She just wants to be recognized for the poem she wrote. I don’t think it’s fair what Paris did, but again, we haven’t heard from her. I know for a fact that the poem means a lot to her and Judi should be very proud of that, but if she wants to be credited, she has a right. I also like it how she’s waiting to see if her poem had any effect on Paris or if it changed her in a positive way. It’s hard because no one talks about the good things Paris does, but everyone will see within 8 months. Rwanda and Repo! are going to change everyone’s opinion about her if they pay attention to what she says and does for once.

Anyway, I guess everyone has her/his own opinion.

From: Dawn
Time: October 11, 2007, 5:37 pm

Did Paris state that she wrote this particular poem or did she say she was reading some thoughts she jotted down? There is a difference.

But yes, I agree. If Paris intends to use the exact same poem in a book she should
a) get the writer’s permission
b) credit the writer

For the time being,though, the poem is not going anywhere and the LK interview is old news.
Most likely, Paris misspoke. It happens.

However, in a commercial undertaking, such as a book, Judi should get the recognition she deserves. That’s just and fair.

But in a commercial enterprise, like a book,

From: Dawn
Time: October 11, 2007, 5:41 pm

oops,the last line repeated. Sorry.

From: admin
Time: October 11, 2007, 6:11 pm

Paris said she wrote the poem before reading it to Larry. She read it word per word.