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Subject: Paris - Remixes, Demos & Mashups

Original Poster: thewaymouth
Posted on 30-1-2008 at 05:02 PM

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All Aboard For Funtime

...But first a

The audio and video presented on this blog is used to promote the artist that is featured here. Please support the material girl and buy her material world.
And then just maybe she will make more fab fun for thee.

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[The animated gifs presented here are mine, to set the mad mood, to spray paint the walls, with bling.
My tributes to the legend of songs of sirens.]

This Rev Dr DJ Mike Burns Remix Orgy Dance Marathon Showtime Funtime is in honor of Paris Hilton hosting the Madhouse Club Party tomorrow night at Scottsdale AZ, the site of Sunday's Super Bowl.

Paris is the best club party hostess going. She is coming to Boston, my hometown, one week from today, to pick up a WOMAN OF THE YEAR award from Harvard. So she had better be hosting a club party here that night to celebrate. If so, I had better be there.

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This is dedicated to the one I love.
& to the others who love her.

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Paris, je t'aime.

Down in the valley of the mists below
are the links, the passageways, the flips to trip
on many unreleased remixes, demos, & mashups.
(& when & if you go there,
please be sure to
leave comments of appreciation
for the work of the Archivists, DJ's & VJ's,
AND give praise of course to
The Almighty Goddess A-Go-Go Herself,
Miss Masha of the Mashuptown.
...Word to your Motherfuckin Princess.)

And now for something completely the same
old "hero worship,"



PARTY STARTED: For free HQ audio, mp3 downloads...

The Sound Of The Vision of The Siren

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Made 26.6.07: Butterflies are free...
To fly...To be...

Stars Are Blind, Turn It Up, Nothing In This World (multiple remixes)

Turn It Up (Richard More Big Room Vox Rmix)

I Want You (remixes)

I Want You (filtered acapella
- there's a skip in it - presented only because it was requested here)

Screwed (dance mix demo)

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SECOND WIND: Of Remix & Mashup Vivideos...

The Vision of The Sound of The Siren

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STAR QUALITY - Miss City Of Lovelights In Her Hair

Stars Are Blind (Tracy Does Paris Remix)

Stars Are Blind (Club mix)

Turn It Up (Cratzy Studio, unreleased remix)

Turn You On (Rosabel Unreleased Mix, recorded in a club
- have as yet been unable to find a working mp3 download link for this hot shit)

Turn You On (demo
- again I'm looking for a download mp3)

Nothing In This World (Video remix
by Paris Hilton Lover, a regular blogger here)

Screwed (demo)

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...Look! Up on the stage! ...It's
Paris Hilton in the PH Site Her-House!

Well well well folks, before I do take you down to Masha's Mashups,
let's just see if
Our Dear Heartbeat
would be willing to give it a go,
to take you over for a few moments of eternal bliss
as your dance club party hostess.


Paris & Nicky dance it up @ Pure on a Hot August Night in '07

Paris hosts party @ LAX on NYE '07

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Paris Hilton, ladies & gentlemen!

Once again, I believe I been...

Hypnotized by the Paris Hilton Bubble! (Mashup
by a MySpace friend, only here for fun)

Paris Hilton vs. Too $hort (Tizwarz mashup)

Paris Hilton vs Lindsay Lohan (mashup
of best frenemies for life, here just for fun)

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Thanks for coming.
Come again.

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Rev Dr DJ Mike Burns has left the building
on fire for you...

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Reply: thewaymouth
Posted on 30-1-2008 at 09:30 PM

PS If any of you heroes are aware of any unreleased Paris mix downloads I'm missing, I would most appreciate a reply with a link.

(BTW, I welcome requests for hook-ups to links for unreleased mixes by other pop princesses. I've searched extensively to find mixes by the following divas: Ashlee, Avril, Britney, Hilary, Kelly, Lindsay, P!nk, & The Veronicas.)

Reply: Enkil
Posted on 2-2-2008 at 01:54 AM

A collection of remixes! The I Want You Acapella is really kewl. Kewl post, thewaymouth :).

Reply: thewaymouth
Posted on 4-2-2008 at 10:43 PM

Thanks, Enkil.
(It means a lot.)

Reply: thewaymouth
Posted on 12-5-2008 at 06:14 AM

Link to ultra HQ video remix by RockAmerica of the Kaskade Radio Edit of
Nothing In This World
(includes free avi download!).

Register/sign in and say, thank you. Tell my friend Hilary Duff remixes, that thewaymouth sent you.

Reply: Enkil
Posted on 12-5-2008 at 06:32 PM

Thanks for posting!