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Subject: Paris & Benji Madden together for his birthday - HQ pics

Original Poster: Mondrian
Posted on 10-3-2008 at 12:09 AM

Have a look at these pics and share your thoughts. How good are they together?

Pictures posted by the member is unavailable.

Reply: FallenMorgan
Posted on 10-3-2008 at 04:51 AM

He looks gross. She looks beautiful. I feel as if my dreams are being crushed to little bits.

Reply: thewaymouth
Posted on 11-3-2008 at 02:38 AM

Is this a scene from REPO!?
Looks pretty scary to me.

Ditto Fallen Morgan. You are hilarious. Even if you weren't joking. Certainly doesn't look like Paris is joking. I mean, who puts their own name on someone else's cake? What the hell's next? Is his name going to end up on her skin? Yikes.

Yeah, I guess I'm old school but I don't get the whole tattoo deal at all. Never will. And Paris changes her fashion all the time. Say if she marries this guy she will be forced to look at his giant ugly ink every day. So my thinking is there is no way she will marry him. Unless they elope, fast, before she has to look at all those tatts one more time.

Never liked Good Charlotte, either. But she's never going to go out w/me, so whatever makes her happy...

...She doesn't care about my happiness! If she did she'd tour! She'd really show the world she is a true shining star. Instead of hanging out w/pop has-beens. Oh, the humanity! *sigh* Oh, well.

But then again, if she hooks up w/a musician, maybe he will be the one to finally push her out there on stage. So maybe this is a great thing. Go Benji boy! Don't let me down now!

I am so selfish.

Reply: thewaymouth
Posted on 11-3-2008 at 03:21 AM

PS I just this very minute watched an interview w/Lindsay Lohan who says she is going to do a club tour behind her new album. In other words, she is going to tour for the first time. But Lindsay has performed & actually sung live before, both on TV & at a festival. So she knows she can do it.

So Paris, are you going to leave it up to La Lohan to start the most fabulously fun tour in the history of pop w/out you?

Reply: FallenMorgan
Posted on 11-3-2008 at 03:29 AM

He does look very gross. He's like twice as big as her, he's fat and bald and short and has ugly tattoos. He looks vile, even though I'm 5'11 with pale pasty skin and messy hair and whatnot. I'm not fat though.

Reply: Princess
Posted on 16-3-2008 at 09:55 PM

they're cute together.