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Subject: PARIS & HER GURU (Link to entire Pop Fiction series debut here)

Original Poster: thewaymouth
Posted on 11-3-2008 at 02:22 AM

Paris & The Guru - Paris' work on this hoax is a total gas. She is so damn cool.

Here’s a link to a video of the entire Pop Fiction series debut starring our Miss Hilton.

Reply: thewaymouth
Posted on 13-3-2008 at 03:33 AM

Here the media's reaction (thanks enkil, for linking it up at PHS) & mine follows.

"Are you kidding me, Paris?"

Showbiz Tonight's A.J. Hammer talks to guests about the usual BS.

thewaymouth: Of course the media is upset w/Paris because you all got punk'd.

I linked up the episode of Pop Fiction both here & at the forum. What I'm upset about then is not over whether you think it was a good idea or not, is whether does anyone care besides me, whether it was a good performance or not by Paris.

Obviously I and E! thought she brought it -- E! turned the show's very debut over to Paris. & not only because she is who she is, but she did a damn fine job. To me, it is the best solo performance of her on TV (as in, sans Nicole) I've ever seen. She sold it beautifully. She deserves respect for that alone.

F---ing religion has been punking mankind w/its God-myth BS since the world began. And that religions get major tax breaks when there's a war on, & our economy is falling apart, is a crime! & the media has been punking celebs for over a hundred years. Paris has taken a ton of crap from the media. The hate they spew on this interview is obscene. And they mean it. They are losers. I'm sick of religion & the media. They both deserve all the shit they got coming to them.

I am behind Paris 100% on this.

Reply: FallenMorgan
Posted on 13-3-2008 at 06:11 AM

Religion is BS in my opinion too.

Reply: Django
Posted on 13-3-2008 at 07:18 AM

Thanks for posting :) Paris is so cute and charming and it's good to see her having some fun and being in control where the papparazi are concerned (and it was interesting to see the reaction of the biker to the kind of constant crowding Paris has to live with). I like Avril too (well mostly for her music as I don't know much about the person in an everyday way really, although she can come across okay). That was an enjoyable first episode and I hope it gives some people a different insight into Paris and her life. Our girl handled it all with her usual class and charm.

Reply: Princess
Posted on 16-3-2008 at 09:35 PM

thanks for posting :D