Some Of You Paris Hilton Fans Are Really Talented!

This morning, I received a really nice poem about Paris Hilton from Joe aka. enbis78 who visits this website and is also a member of the forum.

Really, some of you are not only talented, but are also very perseptive, and notice and analyse things better than does! A good example is b3njee’s popular article about the Simple Life, which received a lot of attention, by the way.

And I also like thewaymouth’s texts. They are very well written and so creative! He’s always last to post his comments about certain articles hehe, but it’s always a pleasure to read them!

Joe’s poem prompted me to create a special section for fans which is titled “Your Paris Hilton Poems.” You can find it on the left side of your screen. He thought it was for the “Project” section, but I guess he got confused lol. I’ll have to redo that section!

His peom is really nice. It’s very well written and so intelligently. One thing I like about it is that it’s not only about Paris’ beauty, but also about the artistic side of her, which is often hidden or ignored by the public.

Here’s the first two paragraphs:

The excitement mounts as the car door poens
“That’s her! I can see her! Right there!”
Now all of the people are screaming and shouting
At the girl with the long, blonde hair.

With a perfect body and sun-bronzed skin
And eyes that shine so bright,
With a face of true, iconic beauty
And a smile that lights up the night.

You can read the rest here.

If you have something to share with us, please do so by sending an email to Believe me, I really enjoy seeing these creative works by fans.

Finally, is growing fast. You might have noticed a couple of new sections which were added this week, and some of you have helped me with this. Thanks for all your contribution! I plan on making a post about this soon; is being updated at the moment!

Have a nice day!

Posted: August 23rd, 2007
Comments: 6


From: Django
Time: August 24, 2007, 1:19 am

A really nice poem that sums up a good part of Paris’s life, accomplishments, varied endeavours and appeal. Obviously a lot of work and feeling went into it. Nice work enbis78 🙂

From: enbis78
Time: August 24, 2007, 3:24 am

Thanks for the kind words, Django, I appreciate it!

From: b3njee
Time: August 24, 2007, 2:40 pm

I appreciate that I’m still getting props 🙂

I was almost right too! E! were gonna replace The Simple Life with a show starring Kimberly & Kelly, and it was pretty much gona have the same theme, so sad it’s not happening now, I could care less about Kim Kardashian.

From: thewaymouth
Time: August 25, 2007, 6:13 pm

* Well done tribute, enbis78. I agree with what you say.
It’s a sweet epic poem, a wonderful ode to Paris.

* & well done, Mr. PHS.
The site which is already the best out there, is growing stronger everyday. Plus, I am so happy to here Paris checks it.

& thanks for the kind words. I’m truly touched. To be welcomed & encouraged like this quite a change for me. 1) it never happens. 2) I have been deleted, & outright banned from many forums, as a matter of fact. Let’s see if I can remember them all – all in the last 4 years:
– Sara Schaefer (from The DL – AOL Web Show)
– Patty Griffin
(& she’s almost as old as me, for crying out loud. WTF!)
– Christina Aguilera (back when she was XXXtina, no less)
– LeAnn Rimes
– Lindsay Lohan
& get this, even
– Bjork

Oh, the humanity!

Anyway, yes I’m late, I’m late. Story of my life. & I would like to get here & there sooner so more peeps can read me but I have so many irons in the fire, so many damsels in distress to support, too many women, celebrities to celebrate. And I rarely ever say anything short & sweet. It’s almost long & rough ruff. But even when I leave a short note it takes me a long time to select exactly what I want to say. The long essays really waste me. I wish I had more time, could do this full time. I love blogging. I should try to put a site together like this one, but I don’t think it will happen or anyone would come often anyway. They don’t frequent my site now. So that just makes this site even more dear to me.

The first shall the last, & the last shall be first.
Better late than never.
Or as I prefer to offer, of my own invention:
Better fate than ever.

& finally, in line w/this awesome site & the great Paris love poem (I will be sending my own poetic love this way later), here’s another of my own devices. I like that enbis78 called us, the Hilton Army. & I dig another term I’ve read on a hater’s site no less, Team Hilton.

After reading the forum’s entry about Paris touring, where it hit me that I would want to follow Paris around like an old Grateful Dead fan. See several shows, in different cities, build a vaca around it. It came to me yesterday.

I am a Hiltonhead.

From: enbis78
Time: August 26, 2007, 3:26 am

Hey, thanks, thewaymouth! I’ve enjoyed reading your posts (loved the one about how Paris is punk) and I appreciate what you say about the poem, as I know you are a true fan and love Paris every bit as much as me (and not just you, I mean everyone on here does!). I look forward to reading your own poetic expression of love.

Like you say, it’s a real buzz to know that Paris looks at this site. To think she may actually read what I wrote about her is so exciting to me. If she comes to this site, she knows she has some great fans who really love her.

From: admin
Time: August 26, 2007, 9:21 am

I’m not 100% sure if Paris still visits the website, but I did receive an email from her a month after I launched it. After months of searching, I think it was her.

The thing is that this happened during the “ParisExposed era” and I believe she was surfing the internet more often during that time, and that’s how she found it. Remember when I used to give those daily reports about ParisExposed? Believe me, behind all those smilies, she felt very depressed.

She said she visits it time to time, but I’m not sure if she still does.