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Original Poster: Princess
Posted on 28-12-2007 at 02:11 PM

who have this book?
I'm going to buy it...does it have any pics and it is good as a book? or should i buy the other one she wrote?

Reply: Django
Posted on 28-12-2007 at 04:11 PM

There's a thread about this particular book at

I do have the book. I also got emailed personally by the author, Chas Newkey-Burden to thank me for my kind words (and he even agreed with some of my criticisms), when he saw what I wrote about it in my LiveJournal, which was:

"There's bits of the book that I'd be full of praise for. But it was a little frustratingly uneven in places (and sometimes wasting too many words on subjects like Paris "lookalikes" *yawn*). For instance the book wastes pages telling just about everything that happened onscreen in the first episode of The Simple Life, but then skims over the other seasons without any real detail or analysis. There are nice little anecdotes or new information from behind the scenes of The Simple Life (nice to know that Paris actually did date "Chops" for a bit and even had dinner with his family) and House Of Wax, but it kind of makes me wish there were even a few more pages devoted to such things. The writer is a true Parissend in that he doesn't bash Paris over stupid little things and isn't afraid to give her kudos or good points. As I probably said previously ("just a few million times!" - Django's ever so charming readers :P) the book won me over pretty quickly in the introduction by early on stating many facts and quotes about Paris that refute all the bullshit lies and misconceptions that haters like to spread. The book was also a good anecdote at times to reminding me of Paris's many successes, good points and triumphs over her naysayers and critics. In other words, a nice anecdote to all the crap that tends to dominate coverage of her on the internet and in the media. The last chapter was pretty depressing though in reliving that whole terrible time of her court appearances and unjust inprisonment. I really didn't need to relive that again, as it never fails to make me enraged at the vultures, moral cowards and worthless scum that took such glee in her suffering. Still, all's been good since then and Paris continues to shine while her haters moan on their worthless deranged asses. As an example of where the books scores on the side of truth, I loved the writer's rebukes to that idiot who tried to sabotage Paris's CD release with his infantile spoiled attention hungry brat stunt (I won't use his name and give him even more fame than he deserves): "It was a silly protest from a silly man" and "and his mocking song title, What Have I Done? Well [], what she had done was start several successful companies, release an album, write a bestselling book, and star on a successful reality television series and in a series of films. Next to all that, what have you done?" Here here, and a rebuke that would serve just as well to all her critics. Added to that, I'd say that Paris in her work and personality has often cheered me up and provided comfort or inspiration to me when I've been depressed or in need of a friend. What have her hate filled, miserable, often misinformed and jealous critics ever done that was so uplifting in someone's life? *tumbleweed goes past as haters stare blankly and drool down their shirts*"

Overall I think it's worthwhile reading for Paris fans (and those who could do with having their eyes opened to her finer qualities and her actual achievements and work). I can't tell anyone who hasn't read Paris's own Confessions Of An Heiress, which one to choose (although Paris doesn't make any money from the biography) as I enjoyed both in their own ways. As others have said in this forum though, Confessions is a little behind the times now that Paris is wanting to project a more serious image and focus on her work, while the biography does give more of an overview, including things Paris wouldn't have wanted to write about personally (ex-boyfriends, Rick Salomon, etc). Let's just say that I think Paris is a good, kind hearted, funny and worthwhile person and neither book made me think otherwise. There's not as many pictures as there was in Confessions, but there are about sixteen pages of photos spread out in the book.

When he emailed me, I thanked Chas then for not being afraid to challenge the criticisms often directed at Paris, challenge hypocrisy and show her good points and if he happens to stop by here, then he can consider himself thanked again for that good job.

Reply: Princess
Posted on 28-12-2007 at 05:01 PM

wooow. thanks for taking time to reply to me.
cool I'm sure going to buy it. thanks so much again.
First I'm going to buy this than I will buy the other one the one she wrote :D